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Choose well

 A move is organized… Where to start? What budget do you need to budget? Before you embark on this project, AsterFinance guides you in the steps to follow and the right questions to ask yourself.

The budget to make for a move will depend on the number of m 2 moved, the distance to travel, the value of your furniture, the convenience of access to the apartment (and yes, the 6th floor without elevator is paid…). The minimum budget to call for a professional is about 600 $.

How much does it cost ? What are the proposed formulas?

How much does it cost ? What are the proposed formulas?

  • The turnkey formula, everything is organized from A to Z: from the packaging to the installation of your furniture. Organized as a team, the movers arrive and pack in extenso the business of your apartment, the big cleaning! For 20m 3 over an average distance of 20 km, count between 800 and 1200 $.
  • The semi total formula: you prepare your boxes and they pack the delicate objects. Count between 700 and 900 $.
  • The last formula is the most economical and only includes loading and unloading furniture. This formula can be interesting if there are many kilometers between your two homes. Count between 500 $ and 600 $.
  • Do it yourself? you will be responsible for renting a utility. Rental companies have packages for the day or half day with weekend packages. For a van of 3 m 3 (duration 24H), count on average 50 $ and 280 $ for one week.
  • For a small truck of 10 to 12m 3,> count 85 $ for a day, 280 $ the week on average.
  • For a truck over 20m 3, count 100 $ for a day and 560 $ the week.

Who says moving, says new furniture…

Who says moving, says new furniture...

If you need to refurbish, we advise you to list what you need by prioritizing. Here is a list that gives you an idea of ​​the budget to allocate.

  • For your room: bed, wardrobe, desk, sheets… The average budget is between 600 $ and 1000 $.
  • For your living-dining room: sofa, table, chairs… Expect between 800 and 2000 $.
  • For your bathroom: washing machine, shower curtain, bathroom carpet… Between 500 $ to 800 $ on average.
  • Finally, for your new kitchen: oven, microwave, refrigerator, cutlery… Calculate between 1500 $ and 2500 $.



Wondering how will your furniture be made in your next home? Not easy to project. Our advice, start by sorting and throwing. No need to move old junk!


Get rid of what you do not need and declare war on the superfluous! Empty, give or sell! Outside and inside cupboards. Once clear, you will feel better and see more clearly to start your cards.


Take pictures, draw the plans and plan the furniture you put in each room. D-Day will save you time.

Good to know

  • Categorize your cards. Store the necessary in a box while waiting for the installation of your furniture. Some cutlery, plates, glasses…
  • In another box, store everything you need for the first few days (soap, toothpaste, change of clothes…).

Another tip: keep your DIY tools nearby so you can assemble your furniture in your new home.

Warning: the movers only guarantee the objects they have packaged themselves.
In case of damaged or broken objects, you have 3 working days to report it by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

J-3 months

  • If you are a renter: tell your landlord your departure,
  • If you are an owner, consider making a request to stop the trustee,
  • As soon as you have the official papers of your new apartment lease or the act of purchase, you can enroll your children in school. Inquire beforehand in your new town hall.
  • Get in touch with moving companies and have several quotes made.

J-30 days

  • Remember to prevent taxes, the CAF, the CPAM (primary health benefits) of your change of address,
  • Pension fund and complementary health,
  • Terminate your EDF-GDF subscription as of the day after your departure,
  • Your insurance companies (housing + vehicle),
  • Your service providers (Phone, Internet…),
  • Your employer for payslips,
  • Your bank to update your mail.

D + 30 days

  • Update your IDs with your new address,
  • Register on the list of electors.

That’s it, are you ready to start your move? AsterFinance now guides you in choosing your credit. Simply enter the amount you need, and let us guide you!

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