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José is 55 years old, his son wants to continue his education abroad before entering the labor market. But these studies far from home are a significant cost, especially since José and his wife already hold two consumer loans. They do not wish to complicate their financial situation with the addition of another loan. How did they manage to finance them? Thanks to the personal loan buyout! Discover their testimony.

I need to restructure my monthly loan payments to finance my son’s studies

I need to restructure my monthly loan payments to finance my son

“When Jules told us about his desire to continue his schooling by completing a year of study abroad, we were very happy and proud of him. It is a very rewarding life experience that will bring him a lot. We have of course supported it morally. Financially, it was a little more complicated … And before going further, we had to look closely at the cost of this project. Going to study in France already involves significant costs, but abroad, even more and our savings are all relative …! Arrival and installation fees (travel), tuition fees (registration, purchase of books and manuals), health and insurance costs, housing, food, transportation, telephone, internet, outings and other expenses of living daily, all of this represents a sum! Having figured out the total budget required, it was difficult for me and my wife to tell us that we were going to have to borrow again … We already had two credits in the works and we did not want to sell the camper or the car to finance this additional year of higher education.

At the same time, our revenues have not increased, so how to assume a new monthly payment? We seemed to be deadlocked until I contacted a PreFinance advisor to explain our problem. He told me about the buyout of personal loan and we fixed an appointment in the customer area PreFinance closest to discuss more “.

Thanks to the buyout of personal loan, I gathered all my credits to finance the studies of my son!

Thanks to the buyout of personal loan, I gathered all my credits to finance the studies of my son!

“With my wife, we went to the agency located a few dozen kilometers from home. We came out of this interview delighted because the advisor found us a financing solution really suited to our situation with the purchase of personal loan! We could pay for our son’s international schooling without having to commit to a third monthly payment. How? ‘Or’ What? Thanks to the personal loan buyout that you may know as the credit redemption! More simply, it’s a grouping of credits. A financial process quite simple to understand finally: thanks to the purchase of personal loan, our 2 current financings were brought together (PreFinance bought them from our creditor) under a new but unique credit, thus reducing our debt ratio. We could then ask for an additional sum, to finance the schooling abroad of our son!

Our commitment period is certainly longer, repayments are more numerous but we have only one credit and now a single monthly payment. This allows us to contribute to the future of our child! “

With this acquisition of personal loan, we have optimized our monthly payments and our finances are in balance!

“By pooling our loans, we finally found a better balanced budget. It may seem paradoxical but not at all! It’s very simple in fact: our new monthly payment is less consistent than our previous 2 refunds together! Suddenly, the end of the month are less agonizing since our remaining life is higher than before. If we are committed to a longer period, we find a more comfortable economic situation every month …! And the management of finances and accounts and also easier. All this would not have been possible without the buyout of personal loan. “

We decided to engage with PreFinance, the consortium credit specialist

“Even though our other two consumer loans were subscribed to by another organization, we decided to move to PreFinance because we really benefited from expert advice and we did not want to use a broker-type intermediary. Our interlocutor really took the time to detail the outlines of the personal loan buy-out and we felt supported from the start and with confidence. “

Very practical also, we have an online customer area, and the MyPreFinance mobile application to manage everything and follow our new credit in real time.

José’s testimony echoes in you? You live a similar situation? So if you already pay one or more monthly payments from consumer loans and you are looking for new financing, take a closer look at the purchase of personal loan!

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