Company Approves Nebraska Products |

If it has anything to do with Nebraska, chances are Bob and Janet Matthies are eager to support it.

Owners of the Stamps and More store in the Landmark Center at 3100 Osborne Drive East, Suite 103, since November 2019, the couple have made a concerted effort to offer even more locally produced Nebraska products at their second Stamps and More store next door. Little Caesar’s Pizza at 314 N. Burlington Avenue, Suite B.

And while the services offered at the store – which include copying, printing, faxing, laminating, binding, packaging, shipping by FedEx, UPS and USPS (including QR code deliveries), the gift wrap and dry cleaning depot – it’s the store’s unique gift shop, chock-full of local Nebraska produce, that seems to capture the imagination of customers visiting the newly opened second location.

“The response has been very good,” Janet said. “All the other customers that come in say, ‘Oh my God, we’re so glad you’re here.

“Nebraska products are our bread and butter. There hasn’t been a moment we’ve gone through a day without someone saying, “We’re looking for Nebraska products to give someone.” Most say they can’t find anything from Nebraska except Dorothy Lynch. We have decorations, candies, popcorn, art and all that cool stuff.

A partial list of store offerings include Lincoln’s The Mill Coffee; HR Poppin’ Snacks Popcorn, Gibbon; Baker’s Candy, Greenwood; Jalapeno Jelly, Superior; Decorations and Candles, Béatrice; Grandma Grace’s Mustard, Shickley;, stained glass windows by Christian Hessler; and the batik art of Chris Allphin.

For Bob and Janet, their two stores represent a joint business venture that both believe is a departure from their usual work.

By day, Bob oversees eight stores as Operations Manager for CPI, while Janet teaches at Adams Central Public Schools.

“It’s so different,” Janet said. “We’re just mad enough to do it.”

“We both work full time, so it’s crazy sometimes,” Bob said. “We understand what our roles are and stay in our ways. That’s what makes us successful: we’ve sort of decided what our expectations are for ourselves.

Both bring their own set of skills to the table, skills that allow them to deliver what is needed every day.

Having worked with customers for over 20 years at CPI, Bob takes care of most of the service side of the store.

His 13 years of experience running a local call center made it easy to connect with store employees, he said.

For Janet, her classroom and college experiences made her the go-to person to manage social media for both stores.

His ability to do calculations and his computer and copying skills are put to good use during his shifts in stores.

Both say it’s their willingness to go the extra mile for customers that sets their company apart from the competition.

“It comes down to customer service,” Bob said. “When you come to see us, we will help you. We’ll take care of things the right way for you.

“Our motivation is to make sure we provide the best customer service we can provide. That’s huge for us.

That their employees understand and share this vision of customer service and satisfaction is another key piece of the puzzle, Bob said.

“We trust our employees,” he said. “They are good employees and they have done a great job for us.

“They taught us a lot. Everyone shares their knowledge and this makes everyone’s job easier. I think that’s really what life is all about, helping everyone’s life be easier.