Crown joins climate pledge; engages in emission reduction initiatives

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Yardley-based Crown Holdings, Inc. on Tuesday announced that it has signed The Climate Pledge, joining more than 200 other signatories to pledge to be carbon-zero in all of its business operations by 2040, 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement.

Crown joins companies like Amazon and Global Optimism in the pledge and has said it will offer its Twentyby30 sustainability commitments, business strategies and best practices to the community to help deliver real results to tackle the climate crisis. and solve the challenges of decarbonizing the economy.

As part of The Climate Pledge, signatories must commit to three areas of action to advance the goal of achieving net zero by 2040; implement operational changes and technologies that prioritize greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction, measure and report internal GHG emissions, and work to neutralize and offset remaining emissions to reach net zero.

“To reduce global GHG emissions to the rate needed to reach net zero by 2040, it is crucial that the packaging industry takes strong action,” said Timothy J. Donahue, President and CEO. direction of Crown. “Crown has seen – in our lifetime – the main benefits and impact of metal as a sustainable packaging material. Our decision to engage and grow with the members of The Climate Pledge is the natural next step as we work with our stakeholders, consumers and peers to reduce emissions and fight climate change.

A leading supplier of rigid packaging products to consumer marketing companies, Crown offers a wide variety of packaging materials, including recyclable metal and glass. The company’s Twentyby30 agenda sets 20 measurable goals to be achieved by 2030 that address climate action, resource efficiency and other concerns, all guided by corporate governance and ethics standards. ‘business. Its Climate Action pillar focuses on production efficiency, product and process innovation, strategic material sourcing and the use of renewable electricity.

Crown’s sustainable metal packaging solution is playing an increasingly important role in decarbonizing production cycles for packaging manufacturers, the company said, providing manufacturers with easily and infinitely reusable recyclable materials without degrading the product. material value.

Investing in, producing and then recovering metal packaging, the company said, not only extends a manufacturer’s product life cycle, but also reduces the manufacturer’s dependence on raw materials and energy. necessary to transform these materials into packaging. The company estimates that producing metal packaging with recycled materials conserves 70-90% of the energy used for packaging made from raw materials, reducing a manufacturer’s carbon emissions.

“Solving this challenge cannot be accomplished by one company; it forces us all to act together, and it’s one of the reasons we’re so happy to announce that over 200 companies have joined us in signing The Climate Pledge – a commitment to achieving the goals of the ‘Paris Agreement 10 years earlier, “said Andy Jassy, ​​CEO of Amazon.

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