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Sending cross-border international payments should be easy, seamless, immediate, and cost-effective. To expand the type of cross-border payment services that global businesses need, Fliqpay The vision is simply to create a world where the transfer of value is immediate and simple like sending a text message.

Digitization has a fundamental impact on the way consumers and companies do business with each other, and also the way they exchange money and information. The digitization of all aspects of business activity is driving a change in the relationship between financial institutions, global companies, payment operators and their customers, with a growing impact on international payments. Despite the rapid growth of the market, International payments have been hampered by country-specific regulations, while transactions channeled through intermediary banks can take days to complete and often carry unexpected fees, overall integration into clients’ value chains is poor . It is clear that there is a lot of room for improvement.

Lack of effectiveness cross-border payments infrastructure It has created opportunities for payment operators and innovators to introduce alternatives to traditional banks for people to send money within the continent, to buy and sell across borders, and to send remittances to dependents.

How Fliqpay helps

Global shipping, cross border payments it must be easy, fluid, immediate and profitable. To expand the type of cross-border payment services that financial institutions and businesses need, Fliqpay The vision is simply to create a world where the transfer of value is immediate and simple. Fliqpay is building a suite of payment infrastructure which enables global companies operating in Africa and around the world to conduct international transactions in various currencies.

Fliqpay provides a secure way for businesses to make payments while offering multiple digital currency to fiat conversions at the best possible exchange rate. Fliqpay leverages blockchain technology to significantly reduce transaction cost by up to 80% while settling transactions in seconds. Take advantage of this liquidity through open APIs of exchanges, decentralized protocols, multi-currency payment gateways and wallet providers.

Fliqpay currently allows companies receive payments around the world in different digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), US Dollar Tether (USDT), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and will be settled in local currencies such as, Nigerian Naira (NGN), South African Rand (ZAR), Kenyan Shilling (KES) and Cedis from Ghana.

Through the Fliqpay dashboard, companies can create payment links, share by email, SMS, social networks or any means of your choice and receive payments instantly and safely. For businesses that choose to accept payments directly from their website, Fliqpay is easy to integrate payment button is integrated into their website, allowing them to securely receive payments in digital currencies.

With Fliqpay suite of cross-border payments infrastructure, global companies and financial institutions will be able to seamlessly connect to their usual local payment channels, initiate transactions, and make payments to vendors. Fliqpay also aims to offer its API products to a wide range of clients, including Neobanks, Traditional Banks, Payment companies, Remittance platforms, Money transfer platforms and other Fintech.

Fliqpay is for African companies paying vendors and other vendors, foreign companies operating / exploring operations in Africa and other emerging markets, and emerging market operators planning to expand across Africa and globally, financial institutions and fintechs. Fliqpay It is secure and licensed by the Financial Transaction and Reporting Analysis Center of Canada.

Enjoy a frictionless experience with Fliqpay while making cross-border payments, and provide your customers and partners with a seamless payment experience.

About Fliqpay

Fliqpay is a cross-border payments infrastructure that enables financial institutions, fintechs and global companies to create and accept balloon payments in multiple currencies safely. Fliqpay supports payments and payments in multiple currencies in different countries including the US, UK, EU and China and African countries including Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Ghana.

Fliqpay is building the next-generation payment infrastructure to enable businesses to expand globally. Driven by a clear goal: to help businesses make cross-border payments easily, securely and quickly.

In 2019, Fliqpay became a Techstars alumnus. Techstars is a seed accelerator that enables entrepreneurs to thrive. Since its launch, Fliqpay has made more than $ 20 million in transaction volume. Fliqpay It is based in Toronto, Canada and Lagos, Nigeria.

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