Good deals in business class! Miami-Dubai $2,500, Barcelona-Sao Paulo $1,200 and Manila-Kuwait $800

It’s business time again! We love the offers sent to us by Mighty Travels, and today’s offer is no different. Whether you’re looking to depart next week, next year, or somewhere in between, today we’ve got three juicy business class deals for you that just might be the start of your next dream getaway.

Fall Getaway – Miami to Dubai on Business for Under $2,500

Departing October 5th with a return on the 25th, this all-business offer will take you across continents to the glitzy entertainment club that is Dubai. Whether you want to teeter atop the massive Burj Khalifa, slide down the waterslides of Atlantis Water Park, or meet the penguins in the mall’s Inner Antarctica, there’s really no limit to what you can do. Add to that the potential for camel rides, quad biking through the desert or just relaxing on the beach in the constant sunshine and there’s no reason not to visit Dubai at least once in your life. .



Mighty Travels has found a luxury deal from Miami that will give you the choice of two Lufthansa Group airlines one way. The eager traveler’s choice would certainly be SWISS, with the 777 offering a decent onboard product and the itinerary only requiring a two-hour layover in Zurich en route.

Swiss company

The SWISS cabin impresses with its design and level of privacy. Photo: SWITZERLAND

For avgeeks, the ideal option will undoubtedly be Lufthansa, as the airline operates the queen of the skies, its Boeing 747, on this route. You’ll most likely get the inimitable Boeing 747-8i, but very lucky travelers might get a touch of retro class as the 747-400 occasionally pops up too. The downside of this option is six hours in Frankfurt – given the typical chaos of getting in and out of FRA, we don’t recommend trying to leave the airport over this layover time.

Whichever airline you choose, you’ll be in Europe about nine hours after leaving Miami. From there, the same airline will take you to Dubai, still in extended business class. Lufthansa takes the capable A330 on this six-and-a-half-hour run, while SWISS flies the increasingly rare Airbus A340. There is definitely an appeal for both routes!

The onboard product of both airlines is quite good, but in our opinion SWISS has the edge. Both the 777 and the A340 feature a “chocolate and cream” interior, with a relatively spacious layout, although not everyone has direct aisle access. If you’re traveling solo, however, and can get your hands on one of these throne seats, it’s a head-and-shoulders better experience than anything on Lufthansa.

swiss throne

The business class product on the SWISS jumbo jet fleet is good, and the throne seats, for solo travelers, can’t be beat! Photo: SWITZERLAND

The Lufthansa 747 business class, although flat, is not the most private or spacious. There’s a business cabin on the upper deck, so if that’s a bucket list item, go for it. But if what you want is more space, the lower deck cabin is less compact. The same product features on the A330, which is downright tight on space. Given that trip is still six months away, there’s little chance his new business class on the 787 will make an appearance on this route, but we can’t guarantee it.

LH Company

Lufthansa’s business class is good and the airline is known for its decent onboard service. Photo: Lufthansa

Either way, it’s a great little deal for two really long flights from the US to the Middle East, and just perfect for a fall getaway. The 20-day trip currently sells for $2,435, giving you plenty of down time for a manageable investment.

Screenshot 2022-04-16 at 18.10.33

Barcelona to Sao Paulo on business for just $1,199

If you like to plan ahead, you could be on your way to one hell of a trip next spring. Mighty Travels has brought us an amazing business class fare from Barcelona to fabulous Sao Paulo in Brazil, departing next February 1st for a two week trip.

Sao Paulo is Brazil’s financial hub, with many popular attractions including the beautiful Parque Ibiraquera, bustling Paulista Avenue and colorful Batman Alley. Visitors can also enjoy a host of excursions from the city, from the beaches and vineyards to the glorious Galls of Iguazu – the largest waterfall system in the world and was personally recommended to us by Mighty Travels.


From Barcelona, ​​the first jump is literally the case, with HOP! ensure an Embraer E190 transfer to Paris Charles de Gaulle. The layover lasts just three hours, just enough time to grab a croque monsieur and a glass of vino before heading to the gates for Aeromexico’s overnight departure to Mexico City.


Aeromexico’s business class is pretty good. Photo: Aeromexico

The flight is operated by Aeromexico’s Boeing 787, equipped with the popular Collins Aerospace Super Diamond product, offering privacy, comfort and a fully flat experience. Clase Premier is in a 1-2-1 configuration, with direct aisle access for all and a 21-inch-wide seat that converts to a 78-inch bed.

The 12-hour flight is perfect for a good amount of sleep, and although the layover in Mexico City is long, you don’t have to stay at the airport the whole time.

Mexico City airport is easy to take by Uber, with a transfer of about 20 to 30 minutes to the city center. Alternatively, the metro is much cheaper, but the convenience will depend on which part of the city you want to visit. With 15 hours to kill, you’d have time to explore the Palacio de Bellas Artes, visit a mercardo or just grab some churros and coffee and watch the world go by!


Back at the airport, Aeromexico will be your transportation, again on a Boeing 787. The nine-hour trip is plenty of time to take a nap before landing at GRU at 08:00 on February 3. Simple Flying made this exact trip a while ago; you can check out our thoughts here.

Screenshot 2022-04-16 at 17.56.16

Last Minute Kuwait from Manila – $808

If you’re in the Philippines and want a quick post-Easter getaway at a bargain price, Mighty Travels has spotted this incredible deal for three flights, all business class, two of which are flat operations. The departure is April 20 – yes this week – with a return on May 4.

The first leg of Ninoy Aquino (MNL) is served by Thai with its Airbus A350. The cabin is in a 1-2-1 configuration, alternating central honeymoon seats and more private positions. The fully flat seats are ideal for a quick siesta on this 3.5 hour stage.


The Thai A350 has very private and very comfortable stretched seats in the business cabin. Photo: Thai Airways

The layover in Bangkok lasts just over 10 hours, which is more than enough time to leave the airport and explore the city a bit. Bus tours can be booked from the arrivals floor, where Concourses C, D and E intersect. Or you can just take a taxi to drive the 30 km in the city and choose your own pleasure. Visit Khao San Road for noodles, experience the culture at Wat Pho, or simply enjoy a relaxing Thai massage at one of the town’s many providers.


Returning to the airport in the late evening, you’ll board the Ethiopian Airlines Dreamliner for the nearly nine-hour journey to Addis Ababa. While the layout is more dated than Thai’s, with the 2-2-2 configuration less attractive, the seats offer good privacy and a very comfortable sleeping surface for the night.


Ethiopian’s business class is therefore not as modern as the Super Diamond layout, but still offers sufficient comfort and the possibility of sleeping a little. Photo: Ethiopian Airlines

Not going to lie, the stopover in Addis is not short. At 3 p.m. and a little, it’s too long to hang around the airport, unless you’re a particularly dedicated lounge lizard. But with an arrival at 6:30am and departure no earlier than 9:55pm, it’s a full day to soak up the atmosphere of Addis.

Even better, Ethiopian Airlines offers a free stopover program, which will get you a free transit visa to leave the airport (provided your passport is eligible for a visa on arrival – check here), a free hotel room, free transportation to and from the airport. free hotel and meals! Check with ET for what’s included right now, as a lot of that has been put on ice during the pandemic and is coming back in dribs and drabs.


Ask Ethiopian about their free stopover program to see how easy it is to enjoy a bit of Addis during your stopover. Photo: Hooaos via Wikimedia Commons

Finally, a business class seat on Ethiopian’s 737 will take you to your final destination of Kuwait. It’s not flat, but has a good recline for comfortable travel. ET 620 lands in Kuwait just after 2am, landing you in the heart of the Middle East after quite the tour!

All this for just over $800? It almost sounds too good to be true!

Screenshot 2022-04-16 at 17.36.17

If you take any of the Mighty Travels recommended trips here, please let us know in the comments.


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